Sneaker Spanking

Sometimes a good sneaker spanking can be just what the doctor ordered.  Perhaps you haven’t exercised enough; or you’ve worn your shoes so long there are holes in the bottom.  And, of course, there are the times you’ve simply been naughty and need a good spanking to make you behave.  It could be that it’s the only implement your mistress/master has handy. 

A sneaker can be surprisingly effective and, when used properly, impart quite a bite.  And, of course, it’s good for laughs and lots of fun.  I’ve been on both the giving and receiving end of a sneaker spanking and enjoyed it immensely.

It seems Foot Locker agrees with me as their most recent commercial shows:

In the commercial, a girl gives her boyfriend a sneaker spanking and he has to guess which kind of sneaker she’s using.  Of course, I don’t think she’s wailing on him quite hard enough, and I think she probably should have used more spanks so the bottom could make a truly informed decision.

Perhaps I should try this with my husband.  We have lots of different kinds of sneakers at home (he rarely, if ever wears shoes, including at our wedding).  While I’ve used one during a disciplinary spanking, I’ve never made guessing what kind of sneaker I’m using part of the play.  It could be quite a challenge for him and could take some time.  And if he gets it wrong, well, the sneaker spanking could just go on and on until he gets it right.  That could be quite a lengthy session.  You know, I’m really liking this idea.  Am I evil?

But you see how helpful the media can be.  Not only do they show how prevalent spanking is in our society, it serves as a good excuse to bring the subject up with a new partner — or a prospective one.  It can also serve as inspiration for some who might find themselves bored with their current play.  Plus, it’s a nice surprise for your bottom. 

Anyway, I’m up for a sneaker spanking game.  How about you?

Happy Spanking,

P.S.   If for some reason you can’t see the video in this web page, the link to the You Tube video can be found here.


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