Sneaker Spanking

Sometimes a good sneaker spanking can be just what the doctor ordered.  Perhaps you haven’t exercised enough; or you’ve worn your shoes so long there are holes in the bottom.  And, of course, there are the times you’ve simply been naughty and need a good spanking to make you behave.  It could be that it’s the only implement your mistress/master has handy. 

A sneaker can be surprisingly effective and, when used properly, impart quite a bite.  And, of course, it’s good for laughs and lots of fun.  I’ve been on both the giving and receiving end of a sneaker spanking and enjoyed it immensely.

It seems Foot Locker agrees with me as their most recent commercial shows:

In the commercial, a girl gives her boyfriend a sneaker spanking and he has to guess which kind of sneaker she’s using.  Of course, I don’t think she’s wailing on him quite hard enough, and I think she probably should have used more spanks so the bottom could make a truly informed decision.

Perhaps I should try this with my husband.  We have lots of different kinds of sneakers at home (he rarely, if ever wears shoes, including at our wedding).  While I’ve used one during a disciplinary spanking, I’ve never made guessing what kind of sneaker I’m using part of the play.  It could be quite a challenge for him and could take some time.  And if he gets it wrong, well, the sneaker spanking could just go on and on until he gets it right.  That could be quite a lengthy session.  You know, I’m really liking this idea.  Am I evil?

But you see how helpful the media can be.  Not only do they show how prevalent spanking is in our society, it serves as a good excuse to bring the subject up with a new partner — or a prospective one.  It can also serve as inspiration for some who might find themselves bored with their current play.  Plus, it’s a nice surprise for your bottom. 

Anyway, I’m up for a sneaker spanking game.  How about you?

Happy Spanking,

P.S.   If for some reason you can’t see the video in this web page, the link to the You Tube video can be found here.


My Left Foot

Hi Everybody,

As you may or may not know, due to complications from my head-over-heels “Fall from Grace” at the Hot Crossed Buns book launch party back in February, and the resultant break to my toe, I need to have surgery (Opening Base Wedge Osteotomy) on my left foot.  That being the case, I came up with the following to explain all.

Layman’s interpretation: 

Exposition: When my 2nd toe was broken in the fall, it was a compression break on the knuckle — kinda like running your car into a wall.  You know those crash commercials where the car compacts like a slinky?  That’s sort of what happened to my toe.  It made the knuckle bigger and strangely straighter than before and it now doesn’t play well with the big toe.  If you’ve seen my ugly dancers feet then you know the big toe is kinda at a 45 degree angle.  But the two were happily co-existing and pain free before the fall.  Ah — those were the days. 

Main Event:  Friday, June 4th, is my lucky day.  We start with outpatient surgery at Hoboken University Medical Center.  They’re going to numb some nerve in my leg, give me sleepy drugs, use some kind of tourniquet thingy on my ankle, and do their stuff.  After that, they’re going to cut (I hate this part) into two parts of the 1st metatarsal that runs into the big toe and insert two titanium rods and a bunch of screws (four at the bottom outside and two at the top inside) to create space between the 1st bone and the second bone and thus straighten my big toe and keep it from twisting on top of or behind the 2nd toe.  I believe they may also be removing some of the extra stuff on my big toe buniony area.  I’m a bit foggy about all the minutia, but I think you get the idea.

Epilogue:  The foot will remain numb for about 24-hours (yay — less pain).  I’ll be in a cast and not able to put weight on my foot for at least three weeks, possibly more, depending on how the foot heals.  Once the cast comes off, I get to — oh joy — walk about on crutches and a lovely walking cast (ortho boot).  No clue how long I get to walk in that thing.  And on the last leg of the journey, I will once again don the fun sandal (also called an ortho shoe) that charmed so many at my birthday party.  And who knows, I may even get to set off the airport security alarms when we head out to Chicago for the Crimson Moon Summer Spanktacular at the end of July.  Only time will tell…

Anyway, if you can spare some cheer, white light, reiki, prayers or good vibes on Friday, June 4th, I’d appreciate it as I HATE hospitals and am scared to death to put a foot in one (oops, Freudian slip).  I’ll be practicing some Zen breathing… making fun of everything I can, and repeating as many jokes as I can remember.

Also, I think we may be gearing up to post a Surgery Sale on the Bum Rap site — please check back for more on that next week.

In the meantime, much love, happy spanking, good luck and good night,

P.S.   I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”  Or perhaps just give the next person you see a good smack on the ass (unless, of course, you’re in a non-kink-friendly environment — then it probably wouldn’t be a great


Birthday Spankings

Birthday spankings. Ah the memories. I was born on April 4th and, yes, we had a birthday party for me this year; and yes, you guessed it — I got spanked (more than once!).

I know — BIG surprise, right?

Anyway, my birthday party got me to thinking — where does this tradition come from? I know why my friends and I continue to do it — but what started this tradition in the first place? These are the kind of questions that keep me up at night…

So, me being me, I decided to look it up. And while no one seems to REALLY know where the tradition of birthday spankings comes from, here are some of the theories:

1. It’s based on the slap on the bottom most infants get from the doctor on the day they’re born. Personally, I think that’s kind of dull; and since we don’t know how long this practice has been going on (although we do know it’s been a long time), I doubt this is the true beginning.

2. It may relate back to a Chinese custom. During the Chinese New Year, holiday celebration spankings were administered to get rid of bad luck. And, of course, who can’t use lots and LOTS of good luck.

3. Birthday spanking might be loosely tied to the Romans who had a spring festival, called Lupercalia, where it was the custom to spank/switch young girls in the belief it would give them longer life and fertility. The ancient Germans and Druids also had similar customs of whipping women/young girls for the same reasons as the Romans. I’d just like to add that, if today’s celebration does stem from these early roots, I’m really glad we have moved to an all-inclusive system of spanking for men as well as women.

4. And then there is a superstition (no one seems to know where it’s beginnings lie) where it was considered back luck if the birthday celebrant was not spanked, because it was believed to “soften up the body for the tomb” (eww!). And it was considered bad luck if someone was not spanked for their birthday.

And while I’m not particularly fond of the idea of preparing for death while celebrating life, it does seem that all customs include some form of bestowing luck and remembering birth. As has been handed down, it’s common for people to receive birthday spankings for each year of their life. And then, depending on the crowd, beyond that number, there’s spanking to grow on, to live on, one to eat on, one to be happy on, and yet another spanking to get married on … you can be very creative with this one.

I know of two really good birthday spanking techniques I’d like to share.
1) As noted above, the birthday boy/girl gets one spank for every year of their life, plus one to grow on, etc., on down the line. (Often, tops will either assign a bottom to take the spanking for them, or give their submissive their spanking).

2) The other technique I like to use is the accumulative method:
It goes something like this: For Year 1, start with 1 spank; Year 2, 2 spanks; Year 3, 3 spanks… This delivers a really nice birthday spanking, especially to some of those 20-somethings who think their age (or lack thereof) will prevent them from getting a really good spanking. Of course, if you’re in your 30s or older, you probably won’t be sitting comfortable for a while (especially if you’re receiving birthday spankings from more than one person). Oh well.

Happy Spanking,

Here’s a link to a fun poll about birthday spankings.

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Crimson Moon’s 2010 Summer Spanktacular Party!

The following is an open invitation to the spanking community to join me and the rest of the Board for this summer’s three-day Crimson Moon Summer Party. I was a member of the Crimson Moon social club long before I became a Board member. From my first party, I have never met a more warm or welcoming group. Whether you’re an experienced member of the spanking community, or brand spanking new, you will feel like you’ve found a new family at Crimson Moon. Anyway, I’ll hope to see you all there on July 29th.

By the way, you can now find Tasha Lee’s Kinky Corner on the Bum Rap Productions website, with uncensored photos. Please click this link and subscribe.


You Are Invited To Crimson Moon’s 2010 Summer Spanktacular

Three Days of Blazing Spanking Fun in the Windy City!
July 29, 30 & 31

Where: A Luxurious Chicagoland Area Hotel
Address: Given Upon Receipt of Party Fee

Now in our 17th year, Chicago’s Crimson Moon, the club for spankos and spankoholics that inspired all the others, presents our annual summer spanking party. This year looks to be the biggest and best we’ve thrown in years, so plan on joining us for three full days of spanking, food, fun, good friends, and more spanking at our beautiful hotel, located just 13 miles from O’Hare airport.

We have negotiated the unbelievable room rate of $89 per night (plus tax — sorry) for this beautiful, completely redesigned and refurnished hotel. All rooms feature divided living and sleeping areas with choice of one king-size bed or two double beds and, among other things:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi and high-speed DSL Internet access
  • 42" flat-panel HDTV featuring HD channels, sports packages & on-demand movies, games & music
  • Oversized Cozy Corner sofa-sleeper
  • Computer data port
  • Coffee maker/tea maker
  • AM/FM alarm clock radio with MP3 connectivity
  • Large desk area
  • Two telephones (one cordless) with voicemail
  • Mini-refrigerator

The hotel also features a large, indoor pool and jacuzzi; well-equipped fitness center; and complimentary continental breakfast.

Our summer party also features our Annual Vendor’s Fair, with people selling everything from the finest spanking implements to dvds from some of the top producers of spanking erotica in the country. There will also be games including the ever popular Spanking Court with, as usual, the "Honorable" Judge Mike presiding.

And this year for the first time we will be catering dinner all three nights of the party, including the Saturday night buffet, all included in your party fee.

Registration & Reservation Information
To attend a Crimson Moon party, you must be an active member of the Crimson Moon social club. Joining is free. To fill out a membership application, please visit the Application page on the Crimson Moon Website. After you receive your Welcome to Crimson Moon email, you may register for any party of your choosing. You can pay by credit card Visa and MasterCard) by going to the payment page for Crimson Moon on the Bum Rap Productions website. A $3 service charge is added for all credit card payments. You may also mail a check or money order payable to Crimson Moon Ltd.

Checks should be mailed to:
Crimson Moon Ltd.
P.O. Box 3300
New York, NY 10163

Checks for the 2010 Summer Spanking Spectacular must be received no later than July 22, 2010.

For further information, please visit our Crimson Moon website, or feel free to join the Crimson Moon group on Spankolife; the Crimson Moon group on Fetlife; or the Crimson Moon Yahoo group. And if you plan on joining us, don’t forget to go to either the Crimson Moon Event page on Spankolife or the Crimson Moon Event page on Fetlife, and let us know!

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago this summer!


Spanking Memories

You can now find Tasha Lee’s Kinky Corner (uncensored with PICTURES) on the Bum Rap Productions website — just click this link!

Ah, spanking memories. Remember those spanking lines when you were a kid?  I remember one time at summer camp, after losing at a sports game; I had to crawl between two lines of people, one on each side, so it was like crawling through a tunnel.  As I did, I was spanked from both sides…  Do you have similar memories?  Or perhaps you were one of those devious kids who bratted your pretty baby sitter into spanking you.  Although I was a good kid and would never have even thought of that, I know people who refined that technique into an art form.  Either way, many people have happy spanking memories. 

In any event, as much fun as childhood spanking memories can be (see my last blog), I’d like to focus this one on some of my adult spanking memories.

One of my first adult spanking memories comes from a time before I actually knew I was ‘into’ spanking.  I was with my then boyfriend.  He was giving me a hard time about something, I don’t remember what.  We were walking up the steps to our apartment, when he made a rather snarky comment.  Without even thinking, I hauled off and smacked his ass as hard as I could.  He let out a yelp and cried, “that hurt.  Why did you do that?”  My response came as naturally as had the spank: “You’ve got to be kidding me — you were begging for that!”

A few years later, I was living in Los Angeles, and dating someone new.  We were having sex one evening when he stopped everything, and very shyly asked if he could spank me.  Being the open and adventurous type I am, I said, “sure!”   So, as we began to get back into things, he started lightly tapping me on my bottom.  I thought, “maybe he’s just getting started,” so I let it go on like that for a little bit.  Finally, it occurred to me he might be afraid of hurting me, so I said, “you don’t have to be afraid; you won’t hurt me.”  After a few more minutes of light tapping, I finally got frustrated enough to exclaim, “look, if you’re going to spank me, then SPANK me!”  Although he picked up the pace a little, I decided it wasn’t worth pushing him, especially since I was having a good time in other ways.  To me, that spanking memory always makes me laugh, and I like to share it at parties to demonstrate that one needs to at least be somewhat firm-handed.

While I’m not going to go into my first REAL spanking memory as a bottom (because it’s extremely sexual), I will share my first topping experience.  Perhaps one day, if I’m feeling particularly bold I’ll share more details about my first bottoming experience.  (People rarely believe it, but I’m really quite shy.)

My first spanking experience as a top occurred with yet another boyfriend.  He was a spanker from way back, and desperately wanted me to spank him.  I wanted to please him and although I wasn’t against spanking morally or in theory, in truth, I found I was a little afraid I might hurt him.  I was scared that somehow I would unleash some rage monster inside of me, and that I would lose all control, and just start wailing away.  And while he might have enjoyed this (okay — he would have), at that point in my life I was afraid of this part of myself.  Fortunately, by starting out slowly and watching his reactions, I started to feel more comfortable with my ability to spank without letting out the beast within.

Of course then he started REALLY bratting and baiting me, so I decided not to hold back and give him exactly what he deserved.  Ultimately, I realized I could let go and embrace the strong dominant part of myself, without becoming the Tasmanian Devil; and I felt empowered by the experience.  As time went on and I gained additional experience as a top, I found myself developing more self-confidence — not only in spanking, but in asserting myself more often as an individual in my mainstream life.

Anyway, I’d love to hear your spanking memories — please feel free to share…

Happy Spanking,

P.S. And if you’re interested in other people’s spanking memories click here.


Schoolgirl Spanking

What is it about schoolgirl spankings that is so interesting to us?  It’s a very common theme of fantasies, stories  and videos.

Is it the uniform?  The veiled lesbianism?  The discipline setting?  The young firm bodies and bottoms?  The illicit behavior combined with the knowledge that schoolgirl spanking actually occurs in places, so it has the tinge of reality. 

Personally, I think it’s a combination of all of these reasons.

I have to relay a personal spanking memory I have — and for anyone doubting me, all I can tell you is this really did happen.  I hope you find it as much fun as I did when it happened.

Where I grew up, there was a Catholic boarding school right down the street from my house.  It was very imposing, with a church on one side of a brick wall and a large iron fence on the other.  I was always fascinated thinking about what went on in there, and what it might look like on the inside. 

Once a day, they would open the iron gates and you could catch a glimpse of the courtyard, with the school and living quarters inside.  And, occasionally, on my walks down the street, I would look inside the keyhole and watch the pretty girls in their uniforms playing in the courtyard.  They wore crisp white shirts and pleated skirts with red and black stripes; their uniforms were actually completed by white short socks and patent leather shoes.

And while the convent was a boarding school for girls ranging from 12-17, they also accepted girls on a day-school basis.  That group included a friend of mine who we’ll call Anne.  Anne was smart, funny, spunky and gorgeous.  She had blonde hair, brown eyes and a perfect body.  We had been really good friend for years. 

One day, Anne and some of her friends from the convent were going to hang out after school, and she asked me if I wanted to join her.  Really excited at this opportunity to finally get inside and take a look at this secret world I’d only glanced through a keyhole, I jumped at the chance.  I followed Anne and her friends up to one of the dorm rooms, where there were a bunch of beds placed side-by-side, kind of like a nice army barracks.  We sat there, hanging out, laughing, drinking coke and eating pop rocks.  I was fairly straight-laced back then and amazed at how wild the boarding school girls were, and with no idea I was about to witness schoolgirl spanking.

I don’t remember exactly how it began.  Several girls were smoking and several were swearing.  One girl uttered a particularly bad curse word, at which another of her friends decided she’d gone too far.  Purely in fun, she dragged her friend over to one of the beds, sat down and threw the girl over her knees.  Yanking her skirt up, she began spanking her friends’ panty-covered bottom. As she went on, she picked up the pace of the spanking, although the girl across her lap showed no sign of pain other than some playful kicking.

Then, as I watched in shock and amazement, other girls joined in.  Some helped spank the original miscreant — a few just climbed over other girls’ laps. There I sat, only a bed away, watching as these Catholic schoolgirls spanked each other. Then, to my utter amazement, Anne joined in the action.  I sat there, fascinated, watching these girls laughing, wrestling and spanking each other.  I guess it would be understating things somewhat to say I found it all rather exciting.

So there you have it.  That’s my real-life memory of a schoolgirl spanking.  And while I don’t know the exact reasons it sparks so much fantasy, I can honestly say the reality of watching it firsthand was really fun.  And although I was too shy to join in at the time, the voyeur in me had a really good time.

Happy Spanking,

For more schoolgirl spanking – see our video The Girls of St. Thrashmore.


End of Sale

Hi Everyone,

As some of you may remember, a few weeks ago I started what was supposed to be a one-week Save My Ass Flood Sale, to help us raise some quick money after the recent flood that pretty much devastated the first floor of our apartment, including the bedroom and Bum Rap’s office.  I want to thank everyone who has already taken advantage of the sale and for the tremendous show of support — you have no idea how much it means to me.

I’ll refrain from detailing all we lost again (including most of our lighting equipment) — suffice it to say as far as we’re concerned, it was something of a disaster.

Anyway, as it happened, my birthday fell in the middle of the sale, so I decided to continue offering a 20% discount on all our Bum Rap DVDs, as well as signed copies of my book, Hot Crossed Buns — A Beginner’s Guide To Spanking, through this Friday, April 16th.

So, if you’d like to take advantage of this rare sale (and help us get back on our feet at the same time), there are just a few more days left.  And please remember — this offer is not available from our website — only from the following link:  Bum Rap Video Catalogue Discounts 

In any case, if you have EVER thought about purchasing one of our spanking videos, or my new book Hot Crossed Buns, you’ll never see a lower price:

Also, if you simply have a BIG HEART and want to help out we have a link to a spot where you can donate to the Save Our Ass fund in increments of $10.  Anything helps.  You’ll find the link via the Save Our Ass Flood Fund.

Thanks so much. As always, I really appreciate all your support.


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